The Seven ✔




When a young 17 year old girl and her friend went to an empty mansion that is reported as ‘haunted’ she never knew that her life would changed when she accidentally woke up 7 dangerous vampires that has been asleep for centuries. And boy is she in for a long-ass ride of fantasy shit that she never even knew about. **** NOTE: DIS IS A BTSXREADER WHICH MEANT 7 BOYS SHARE THE SAME GIRL AND IF Y’ALL DON’T LIKE STORIES LIKE THESE THEN GTFO… tq WARNING: VERY CLICHÉ SHIT IF YOU LIKE CLICHÉ SHIT THEN WELCOME TO MY SHIT… What Start: 30/1/2018 End: 13/12/2018 Edit: The whole story is still unedited which means there’s spelling and grammatical errors that I’m too lazy to fix but will eventually lol


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